Allegro Coffee

Coffee Roaster

Address: 12799 Claude Court, Building B, Dock 4
City, State ZIP: Thornton, CO 80241
Country: United States
Phone: 800.666.4869
Blend(s): N/A
Last Update: 01/31/2008
First Entered: 04/26/2005

Commonly found at Whole Foods cafes, this roaster is bold enough to freshness date their roasts in available bulk bins at the stores.

And although coffee chaff from roasting does not alter the flavor of coffee, some Allegro coffee has far and away the most chaff we've found in any roasted coffee anywhere. It's as if they almost don't bother to screen it out.

Locations using coffee from this roastery:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Whole Foods Market 3950 24th St. Noe Valley San Francisco 5.80
Whole Foods Market 450 Rhode Island St. Potrero Hill San Francisco 5.00
Whole Foods Market 399 Fourth St. SOMA San Francisco 5.00