Four Barrel Coffee

Coffee Roaster

Address: 375 Valencia St.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94103
Country: United States
Phone: +1.415.252.0800
URL: None
Blend(s): Friendo Blendo, various single origin
Last Update: 02/02/2013
First Entered: 02/20/2009

Jeremy Tooker has long since moved on from his Ritual Roasters co-founding days and set up this caf� and roaster a few blocks up his old haunts. The roasting operations here took a long time for approvals, and by January 2009 things were finally up and running. While Four Barrel is a partnership with Stumptown's Duane Sorenson, the roasts at Four Barrel don't quite yet seem to measure up to their Stumptown counterparts at first (e.g., the more muted Friendo Blendo versus the more potent Hairbender). But as Four Barrel worked the kinks out, and tried less to be Stumptown and instead its own thing, the roasting has significantly improved.

Four Barrel Coffee is now, finally, and unquestionably one of the best roasters in the Bay Area.

In February 2013, Four Barrel acquired De La Paz from founder Jason Benford with the aim of Four Barrel focusing on single origin coffees while De La Paz focused on blends.

Locations using coffee from this roastery:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
1760 1760 Polk St. Nob Hill San Francisco 7.80
Bar Tartine 561 Valencia St. Mission San Francisco 7.20
Barrelista 736 Main St. Martinez 7.60
Caffeinated Comics Company 3188 Mission St. Mission San Francisco 7.90
Camino 3917 Grand Ave. Oakland 7.30
Dynamo Donuts 2760 24th St. Mission San Francisco 8.10
Farmstand 46 3750 Highway 46 West Templeton 7.80
Foreign Cinema 2534 Mission St. Mission San Francisco 7.40
Four Barrel Coffee 375 Valencia St. Mission San Francisco 8.40
George and Lennie 277 Golden Gate Ave. Tenderloin San Francisco 8.00
Grand Coffee 2663 Mission St. Mission San Francisco 8.20
Happy Girl Kitchen Co. 173 Central Ave. Pacific Grove 7.10
Harvest & Rowe 55 2nd St. SOMA San Francisco 6.20
Ironside 680A 2nd St. China Basin San Francisco 7.10
Mill, The 736 Divisadero St. Western Addition San Francisco 8.20
Outlerlands 4001 Judah St. Outer Sunset San Francisco 6.80
Red Door Coffee 111 Minna St. SOMA San Francisco 8.10
Red Rock 201 Castro St. Mountain View 7.70
R�veille Coffee Co. 200 Columbus Ave. Chinatown San Francisco 8.20
R�veille Coffee Co. 396 Pacific Ave. Financial District San Francisco 8.20