Jou Jou Cafe

Overall Rating: 6.700

NOTE: This location is CLOSED (no longer in business).

Address: 333 Bush St.
Cross Street(s): On Trinity Place, near Montgomery St.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94104
Neighborhood: Financial District
Phone: 415.398.3999
Hours: M-F 7am-7pm; Sa 9am-5pm
Type of Establishment: Cafe (Chain)
Cafe Rating: 7.00
Barista: 7
Savvy: 7
Ambiance: 6
Presentation: 8
Consistency: N/A
Espresso Machine: UNIC
Coffee Rating: 6.40
Aroma: 7
Body: 6
Brightness: 6
Crema: 6
Flavor: 7
Taster's Correction: 0.0
Size: L
Primary Taste: Warming
Coffee Beans: Illy
Cup Manufacturer: IPA
Price: $1.45
Last Update: 03/09/2006
First Reviewed: 03/09/2006
Notes: Outdoor Seating

This cafeteria-like spot opened along Trinity Place in late 2005. Heavy Illy branding, some Italian staff, and 'italianate' sandwiches. This is the first location this small chain brought west of NYC. It has a massive amount of metal outdoor seating along Trinity Place and a long indoor space with window counter and booths. Why there is a projection TV above the salad bar is another story. But they use a two-group UNIC ZR (which are popping up at many of these heavily Illy branded places) to pull a lukewarm, relatively large-sized shot. It has that expected Illy warming flavor of some mild spice and woodiness, but it also has a subtle caramel element I haven't tasted in your typical Illy spot. The crema is pale to medium brown and rather thin, and it isn't helped by their choice of wide-mouthed cappuccino cups. While they are designer Illy IPA cups, they also have smaller espresso demitasse equivalents they aren't using for some reason. As a relatively new place in the neighborhood, I expect their relatively late weeknight hours to cut back from 7pm rather quickly to make ends meet. [CLOSED as predicted: 1/19/07 for lease]