Tricolore Cafe & Pizzarea

Overall Rating: 5.800

Address: 590 Washington St.
Cross Street(s): Montgomery St.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94111
Neighborhood: North Beach
Phone: 415.391.0509
Hours: M-F 6:30am-4pm
Type of Establishment: Cafe
Cafe Rating: 6.80
Barista: 5
Savvy: 6
Ambiance: 8
Presentation: 8
Consistency: N/A
Espresso Machine: Mr. Espresso
Coffee Rating: 4.80
Aroma: 7
Body: 3
Brightness: 4
Crema: 8
Flavor: 3
Taster's Correction: -1.0
Size: M
Primary Taste: Syrup-like
Coffee Beans: Mr. Espresso
Cup Manufacturer: Nuova Point
Price: $1.35
Last Update: 06/06/2003
First Reviewed: 06/06/2003
Notes: Outdoor Seating

Italian pizza and pasta lunch spot at the edge of North Beach, under the shadow of the Transamerica Pyramid. Decorative inside, with an "antica" Italian village alleyway theme: green shutters, terra cotta-colored plaster walls, exposed brick, etc. About 20 intimate tables inside, 3 small tables outside. Espresso comes with the right pedigree - even down to the Mr. Espresso cups. Served with a good amount of light brown crema. Yet thin body and a sweet, syrup-like flavor that's overpowered by real sourness. Somewhat hot, but the sourness makes you question the brewing temperature.