Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

Overall Rating: 5.400

Address: 1 Post St.
Cross Street(s): Montgomery St. at Market St., in the Post St. Plaza
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94104
Neighborhood: Financial District
Phone: 415.544.0761
Hours: M-F 6am-7pm
Type of Establishment: Bakery (Chain)
Cafe Rating: 4.00
Barista: 4
Savvy: 6
Ambiance: 4
Presentation: 2
Consistency: Consistent
Espresso Machine: Franke
Coffee Rating: 6.80
Aroma: 7
Body: 6
Brightness: 7
Crema: 7
Flavor: 7
Taster's Correction: 0.0
Size: M
Primary Taste: Smoky
Coffee Beans: Intelligentsia
Cup Manufacturer: Paper
Price: $1.25
Last Update: 05/21/2007
First Reviewed: 11/05/2003
Notes: Kiosk; Coffee Sales

Catering to commuters passing through the nearby Montgomery St. BART/Muni station, there is no seating and orders are "to go" only. There's also a kiosk above it at the street level - we broke it out as a separate review in Feb 2008 once they introduced a La Marzocco Linea and the staff to operate it properly. Specialty's has undergone an coffee & espresso revolution circa 2003. Previously, they served an ill espresso made with Superior Coffee, an Astoria machine, an ashy and acidic flavor, and a minimal pale crema that rapidly dissipated in a styrofoam cup for $.75. Now they serve an espresso made with Intelligentsia beans (which they now sell), a Franke super-automatic machine (not ideal, but it gives consistently decent results), and a richer, even, medium brown layer of crema. It has a bolder, tobaccoey flavor with some creaminess, and without being ashy. And while still served in a small paper cup (with Intelligentsia branding), the cup with a new $1.25 price has improved ratings across the board.