Stanza Coffee & Wine Bar

Overall Rating: 7.650

Address: 1673 Haight St.
Cross Street(s): Cole St.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94117
Neighborhood: Upper Haight
Phone: 415.529.1592
Hours: M-F 7am-8pm; Sa-Su 8am-8pm
Type of Establishment: Espresso Bar (Chain)
Cafe Rating: 7.80
Barista: 8
Savvy: 8
Ambiance: 7
Presentation: 8
Consistency: Consistent
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco
Coffee Rating: 7.50
Aroma: 8
Body: 8
Brightness: 7
Crema: 7
Flavor: 8
Taster's Correction: -0.5
Size: M
Primary Taste: Warming
Coffee Beans: Counter Culture Coffee
Cup Manufacturer: notNeutral
Price: $2.50
Last Update: 03/24/2015
First Reviewed: 03/24/2014
Notes: Coffee Sales; Coffee Accessory Sales

This Stanza location is a small space along Haight St. with dark raspberry walls, dark wood, beat-up upholstered black chairs, and tables converted from barrels in front. Further back past the short service counter is an almost diner-like lunch counter where laptop zombies crouch over electrical outlets. They once offered a rotation of Counter Culture Coffee and Intelligentsia, lately focusing exclusively on the former. (On our 2014 visits they pulled espresso shots from Black Cat beans. In 2015 it was Counter Culture's Hologram.) They also have a few Hario V60s for pour-overs. Using a white, two-group La Marzocco FB/80 at the bar, they pull shots with a medium brown, even crema. While it can smell like it might be a brightness bomb, it pleasantly (and not surprisingly) is not: a softer flavor of some mild spices and some herbalness in a rounded balance without too much of the brightness bomb showing through. Not the most flavorful or outstanding espresso in town by any stretch of the imagination -- despite some occasional local opinions -- but it's decent. Served with short glass of still water on the side of their white notNeutral cups. Milk-frothing is a bit clumsy and dubious.