Linea Caffe

Overall Rating: 8.000

Address: 3417 18th St.
Cross Street(s): San Carlos St.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Mission
Phone: None
Hours: Su-Sa 8am-3pm
Type of Establishment: Espresso Bar
Cafe Rating: 7.80
Barista: 8
Savvy: 8
Ambiance: 7
Presentation: 8
Consistency: N/A
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco
Coffee Rating: 8.20
Aroma: 9
Body: 8
Brightness: 8
Crema: 8
Flavor: 8
Taster's Correction: 0.0
Size: M
Primary Taste: Warming
Coffee Beans: Linea Caffe
Cup Manufacturer: Heath Ceramics
Price: $3.00
Last Update: 01/31/2014
First Reviewed: 01/31/2014
Notes: Coffee Sales; Outdoor Seating

This coffee shop opening in Sept. 2013 received a serious amount of fanfare, and it still gets it. Andrew Barnett (of Ecco Caff� fame - now Intelligentsia SF - and currently the Good Food Awards and Cup of Excellence judging) established the coffee side of the operations, starting with his own micro-batch coffee roasts. Also joining the party here are and Lt. Waffle, showing its Anthony Myint influence (of Mission Chinese and Commonwealth fame). The resulting caf� is a bit of a Kickstarter Frankenstein: an odd fusion of waffles, salad, and coffee. The salads themselves have garnered local 7x7 cover press and read like a checklist of trendy 2013 ingredients (kale, quinoa, Brussels sprouts ... is cauliflower next for 2014?). That all might sit well for a town that fetishizes $4 toast, but to be honest it's still just salad and waffles, folks, and hardly the stuff of extra-planetary legend. The coffee side of the house has its act in order, however. Even if it doesn't quite wow for the area. It's a small corner space with virtually only outdoor sidewalk seating along San Carlos. Inside the wide windows open out to the street and there's a tiny bench for two. Using a three-group La Marzocco Linea namesake and Mazzer grinders, they pull shots of espresso with an even medium brown crema and a potent aroma. It's two-sips short and has a moderate body with a flavor profile of some spice and a slightly bright fruity edge. Served in red Heath cups for espresso (white for caps), Illy spoons, and sparkling water on the side. Their macchiato has a dense and creamy milkiness that borders on cappuccino territory, despite its diminutive size. We do like the fact that Linea ruffles some coffee fad feathers in not offering any drip coffee options at the small bar here.