Cafe St. Jorge

Overall Rating: 8.050

Address: 3438 Mission St.
Cross Street(s): Kingston St., btwn 30th St. & Cortland Ave.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Bernal Heights
Phone: 415.814.2028
Hours: M-W 7am-5pm; Th-Sa 7am-8pm; Su 8am-5pm
Type of Establishment: Cafe
Cafe Rating: 7.80
Barista: 8
Savvy: 8
Ambiance: 7
Presentation: 8
Consistency: Consistent
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco
Coffee Rating: 8.30
Aroma: 8
Body: 8
Brightness: 8
Crema: 8
Flavor: 8
Taster's Correction: 1.5
Size: S
Primary Taste: Turpeny
Coffee Beans: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Cup Manufacturer: Espresso Parts
Price: $2.50
Last Update: 03/27/2015
First Reviewed: 06/27/2013
Notes: Coffee Sales; Coffee Accessory Sales

In the space that was formerly Nervous Dog Coffee, Andrea de Francisco brings her culture from S�o Jorge island in the Azores to San Francisco. She's the former manager of the Lower Haight's Grind Cafe, so she also brings an emphasis on coffee and not just food. The place is well-branded with a classic Portuguese blue tile (azulezos) motif. There are benches and narrow caf� tables, white walls, and dark wood floors to match the tables. Old family photos adorn one wall, along with a shelf of logo cups, Portuguese olive oil, honey, and Stumptown Coffee for retail sale. They sell toast, salad, sandwiches, and some Portuguese pastries. (Let them heat up your pastel de nata.) As for the espresso (or Bica, being the Lisboeta word), it's deliberate and well thought-out: meticulous shot pulls from a light blue, three-group La Marzocco FB/80. It's a short shot with an even medium brown crema and a potent Stumptown finish of bright, acidic herbal notes. They rotate the blend here (Holler Mountain, etc.) so the result can vary a little. Served in EspressoParts cups. They even acknowledge the less-than-ideal-but-sometimes-necessary special to-go espresso on their menu. A little pricey for the neighborhood, but worth the end product. Milk-frothing tends to show decent microfoam in reserved proportions (and served in Tuxton cups). The macchiato can be more like a cappuccino, but the flavor balance is solid.