Overall Rating: 6.600

Address: 452 1st St. East
Cross Street(s): Btwn E Spain & E Napa Sts.
City, State ZIP: Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: 707.938.1927
Hours: M-Su 11:45am-9pm
Type of Establishment: Restaurant
Cafe Rating: 6.50
Barista: 7
Savvy: 6
Ambiance: 6
Presentation: 7
Consistency: N/A
Espresso Machine: Nuova Simonelli
Coffee Rating: 6.70
Aroma: 7
Body: 6
Brightness: 7
Crema: 6
Flavor: 7
Taster's Correction: 0.5
Size: L
Primary Taste: Pungent
Coffee Beans: North Bay Coffee
Cup Manufacturer: Vertex
Price: $3.00
Last Update: 10/26/2012
First Reviewed: 10/26/2012
Notes: Outdoor Seating

This solid Portuguese restaurant (call it "novo portuguÍs" cuisine) is nestled in a side alleyway off of the old Sonoma downtown square. They offer outdoor patio seating and several indoor tables with a long, angular bar, a wood-fired oven, and occasional jazz music. For espresso, they use North Bay Coffee and a Nuova Simonelli machine behind the bar to produce shots with a surprisingly distinctive European flavor of more complex herbal pungency. We're honestly surprised they managed to pull off that flavor profile with American coffee. It's a tall shot with a medium brown, even crema and a light heat spot. The body is thinner, but the flavor is decent and somewhat distinctive.