Overall Rating: 7.900

Address: Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno
Cross Street(s): Av. da Republica & Campo Pequeno
City, State ZIP: Lisbon, 1150-182
Neighborhood: Campo Pequeno
Phone: None
Hours: N/A
Type of Establishment: Espresso Bar (Chain)
Cafe Rating: 8.00
Barista: 7
Savvy: 8
Ambiance: 8
Presentation: 9
Consistency: N/A
Espresso Machine: La Spaziale
Coffee Rating: 7.80
Aroma: 8
Body: 8
Brightness: 8
Crema: 6
Flavor: 8
Taster's Correction: 1.0
Size: M
Primary Taste: Pungent
Coffee Beans: Illy
Cup Manufacturer: IPA
Price: $0.90
Last Update: 10/25/2006
First Reviewed: 10/25/2006
Notes: Coffee Sales; Coffee Accessory Sales

In the perimiter wall of the recently remodelled Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno bullfighting arena, this fully owned & operated Illy shop actually serves one of the best espresso shots in Lisbon. (Therein lies the difference between Illy in America versus Illy in Europe.) A newly designed, modern interior on two floors with magazines, artwork, and Illy coffee cans on display, they offer a wide variety of espresso-based drinks. Here the ristretto is listed separately from the standard café, and the image of the café corretto shows a bottle of Nonino grappa - so you know you're in good hands. Using a modern, three-group La Spaziale, they pull an espresso with a great aroma - better than you get in the U.S. It has a thin layer of dark brown crema - surprisingly thin considering the other quality factors. Full body and flavorful of an herbal pungency and smoke. Served in Illy logo IPA cups with some coffee grit at the bottom, it still beats the pants off any Illy offerings in the U.S. And all for a mere 0,75?.