Espresso Machine Manufacturer

Address: 309 S. Cloverdale, Suite C41
City, State ZIP: Seattle, WA 98108
Country: United States
Phone: +1.206.764.0600
Machine Types: Semi-automatic
Groups: 1-3
Models: Cyncra, Hydra
Last Update: 03/08/2009
First Entered: 03/08/2009

A North American original. Some nice espresso machines with individual pumps and motors behind each group head. Also provides pre-infusion and the ability to set different pressure profiles (for different coffees).

Locations using espresso machines made by this manufacturer:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Back Yard Coffee Co. 965 Brewster Ave. Redwood City 8.20
Barrington Coffee Company 364 Congress St. Boston 8.40
Caff� Vita Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, 17801 International Blvd. Seattle 8.60
Caff� Vita 1005 E Pike St. Capitol Hill Seattle 8.30
Contraband Coffee 1415 Larkin St. Nob Hill San Francisco 8.20
Cotogna 490 Pacific Ave. Financial District San Francisco 7.70
Espresso Vivace 532 Broadway Ave. E Capitol Hill Seattle 8.60
Espresso Vivace 321 Broadway Ave. E Capitol Hill Seattle 8.80
Holy Spirit Espresso 225 W San Francisco St. Santa Fe 7.10
Intelligentsia 53 W. Jackson Blvd. Loop Chicago 8.60
Intelligentsia 53 E. Randolph St. Loop Chicago 8.60
Origin Coffee Roasting 28 Hudson St. De Waterkant Cape Town 8.20
Patika Coffee 215 Congress Ave. Downtown Austin 7.80
Public Domain 603 SW Broadway Downtown Portland 8.00
Ritual Coffee Roasters 1026 Valencia St. Mission San Francisco 8.50
Rodger's Coffee & Tea 3520A 20th St. Mission San Francisco 6.20
Santa Fe Espresso Co. 56 E. San Francisco St. Santa Fe 7.30
Seattle Coffee Works 107 Pike St. Seattle 7.70
Trabant Coffee & Chai 602 2nd Ave. Pioneer Square Seattle 8.10
Victrola Coffee and Art 411 15th Ave. E Capitol Hill Seattle 8.20