Espressonistic Works B.V.

Espresso Machine Manufacturer

Address: Burcht 62
City, State ZIP: NP Veldhoven, 5509
Country: Netherlands
Phone: +31.(0)
Machine Types: Semi-auto; lever
Groups: 2-3
Models: Mistral; Mirage; Speedster; Stromboli; Spirit
Last Update: 07/16/2016
First Entered: 05/11/2005

Kees van der Westen (Espressonistic Works B.V.) is perhaps, as David Schomer of Seattle's Espresso Vivace attests, the greatest espresso machine artisan in the world. Looking at their unique, chrome devises is like taking a carnival ride. They are rare machines (often only a hundred are produced of each line, such as the Mistral) and found only at places very serious, almost obsessive, about the aesthetics of good espresso. The Mistral line is now under La Marzocco, but these machines are truly more Kees van der Westen than La Marzocco.

Locations using espresso machines made by this manufacturer:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Andytown Coffee Roasters 3655 Lawton St. Outer Sunset San Francisco 8.50
Asado Coffee Roasters 22 E Jackson Blvd. Loop Chicago 8.20
Blue Bottle Coffee Co. 151 3rd Street., 5th Floor SOMA San Francisco 8.00
Four Barrel Coffee 375 Valencia St. Mission San Francisco 8.40
Heart Coffee Roasters 537 12th Ave. Portland 8.00
Honolulu Coffee Co. 2365 Kalakaua Ave. Waikiki Honolulu 7.70
Lulu's at the Octagon 118 Cooper St. Santa Cruz 7.70
Mazarine Coffee 720 Market St. Financial District San Francisco 8.50
Sightglass 151 3rd St. SOMA San Francisco 8.10
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 616 E Pine St. Capitol Hill Seattle 7.40
Verve Coffee Roasters 1540 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz 7.00