About the Reviewer

Greg Sherwin

Most anyone can take a few trips to Italy and return with an espresso love affair. But the truly incurable take this obsession to roasting their own beans at home, losing half their kitchen counter space to various espresso-making devices, and walking the aisles of a county auto show, surveying the gauges and thermocouples to "trick out" their home espresso machine.

A Bay Area resident since 1989 and a San Francisco resident since 1996, I also made it my personal quest to walk just about every San Francisco city block to find, taste, and review every noteworthy espresso I could find. This, the online version of San Francisco Espresso: A Pocket Guide, is the result of this quest.

There are also many helpful friends in the industry who have helped educate me over the years about the many variables and quality factors that go into making a superior espresso. I'd especially like to thank Sammy Piccolo of Caffè Artigiano in Vancouver, Alex Mason of Royal Coffee in Oakland, Roberto Ricci of Sant'Eustachio il Caffè in Rome, and the online communities (read: support groups) at Mark Prince's Coffee Geek, alt.coffee, and on Sweet Maria's home roasting mailing list.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before my unhealthy obsession with Italian espresso metastasized into many things Italian: Italian food, Italian wines, Italian language classes, grappa (I'm a complete sucker for Nonino), and il calcio (or soccer, where I still make no apologies for being an avid Juventus fan).

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