Taster's Correction

Extra Credit for Espresso

The Taster's Correction represents a discretionary adjustment we've made to the overall taste score of an espresso. We've used this adjustment - which is between +2 and -2 points - to account for qualities that might not be adequately represented by the other rating criteria.

Mathematically speaking, the overall taste score consists of all five tasting criteria weighted equally. But when determining the best overall espresso, not all qualities are of precisely equal importance.

Most ratings in this guide have a zero, or no, correction. However, as an example, an espresso with a great aroma and body but little else going for it might rate higher (or lower) than an espresso with average scores across the board. Using this corrective score, we might award or deduct a few extra points for fairer side-by-side comparisons.

Although this correction might seem like one of our own inventions, we've again borrowed from the SCAA system. They sometimes refer to this score as Overall Points.