Caffè Mexico

Cafe or Restaurant Chain

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 72
City, State ZIP: Napoli, 80142
Country: Italy
Phone: +39.081.7365969
Kiosks: Yes
Last Update: 10/20/2013
First Entered: 10/20/2013

Bar Mexico is a network of Passalacqua (the roaster) coffee bars in and around Napoli, Italy. They are local favorites in Napoli, showcasing Passalacqua coffee -- much in the same way SF's Coffee Bar showcases Mr. Espresso coffee.

Typically simple cafés with stand-up bar service only and bright orange colors, they do make a mean espresso.

They have at least six locations in Napoli (including Via Scarlatti, 69; Via Scarlatti, 10-12; Piazza Dante, 86; Piazza Garibaldi, 72; Via Tino da Camaino, 30; and Via Piscicelli, 134-136) plus one in Avellino and Benevento each.

Locations reviewed of this chain:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Caffè Mexico Piazza Dante, 86 Decumano Maggiore Napoli 8.00