Caffè Roma

Coffee Roaster

Address: 885 Bryant St.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94103
Country: United States
Phone: +1.415.296.7662
Blend(s): N/A
Last Update: 04/29/2005
First Entered: 04/26/2005

North Beach and SOMA locations.

Locations using coffee from this roastery:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Buzz 9 139 8th St. SOMA San Francisco 6.40
Café Merenda 2760 Octivia St. Cow Hollow San Francisco 7.50
Cafe Prague 584 Pacific Ave. North Beach San Francisco 7.00
Café Society 1000 Main St., #100 Napa 5.40
Caffè Roma 526 Columbus Ave. North Beach San Francisco 7.20
Caffè Roma 885 Bryant St. SOMA San Francisco 7.50
Maverick 3316 17th St. Mission San Francisco 6.60
Maxfield's House of Caffeine 398 Dolores St. Mission San Francisco 7.30
PJ's Oyster Bed 737 Irving St. Inner Sunset San Francisco 3.20
Rose's Café 2298 Union St. Cow Hollow San Francisco 5.40
Sociale 3665 Sacramento St. Laurel Heights San Francisco 5.00
Tablespoon 2209 Polk St. Russian Hill San Francisco 4.00
Terzo 3011 Steiner St. Cow Hollow San Francisco 5.40
Thirsty Bear Brewing Company 661 Howard St. SOMA San Francisco 5.20
Town's End Restaurant & Bakery 2 Townsend St. South Beach San Francisco 7.10
Trattoria Contadina 1800 Mason St. North Beach San Francisco 3.00