Cup Manufacturer

Address: 22601 Davis Dr.
City, State ZIP: Sterling, VA 20164
Country: United States
Phone: 800.296.7508
Description: Foodservice ceramics
Last Update: 06/12/2011
First Entered: 10/08/2008

Fortessa, Inc. describes itself as a leading designer, developer and marketer of quality tableware for the high-end commercial foodservice and luxury consumer markets. But it's pretty simple and otherwise unnotable ceramics. Includes collections with silly names like Accentz, Vitraluxe, and D&V TechnoCeram.

Locations using cups made by this manufacturer:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Barbacco 220 California St. Financial District San Francisco 6.90
Citronelle 1 Old Ranch Rd. Carmel Valley 5.70
Epic Roasthouse 369 The Embarcadero Embarcadero San Francisco 5.60
Morimoto Napa 601 Main St. Napa 6.80
Sens Restaurant 4 Embarcadero Center Embarcadero San Francisco 5.30